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Cognitivo an AI Software and Services company with a mission to help our customers scale AI faster and more responsibly.

Our Partners

Our Mission

To drive successful AI adoption in our customers in a way that creates social, economic and environmental sustainability.

We specialise in AI development & Data strategy

Data architecture and engineering (Data Warehouses, Data lakes, Lake-houses and Data Mesh)

Data Risk Management, with our in-house methodology that unifies privacy, records management, information security and data use/availability in a fine-grain manner.
We are also resellers of CSIRO Data61's R4 reidentification risk assessment tool

AI/ML development within Banking & Government sectors involving deep learning and computer vision with in-house ML models, accelerators and workflow automation application

Digital Strategy, developing digital operating models, customer journeys and digitally optimised operational processes

Build low-code AI powered Apps with

AI FACTORY is an OTT platform where businesses can build safe AI-powered apps to solve their business problems, by empowering them with:



Identity Verification & KYC
Invoice and payslip processing
Roadside asset and street sign recognition
ML-based credit risk algorithm


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