Digital for Australian businesses


Is your organisation ready to take advantage of the digital economy?

Why do companies need help in adapting to the new digital economy?

There are unprecedented challenges and opportunities with relation to the new digital economy. Customer preferences and behaviours are changing and data is growing. Companies will need to be able to master insights and connectivity and insights with their customers to bring relevant offerings with speed and scale in order to succeed.

Problems facing mid-sized firms wedged between large enterprise and small businesses

  • They are not as nimble as small business that can easily re-invent, pivot, hire/fire people and are subject to more onerous labour laws.

  • They require general management practices and suffer from all traditional organisational challenges (silos, red-tape)

  • They do not have as deep pockets as large corporates so therefore find it harder to attract and sustain diverse pools of specialist talent. (you can’t hire a bunch of people then fire them when you pivot your offering)

  • They can’t afford high end advisory services of large corporates.

How we can help

  • Bring management and cultural mindsets and organisational practices adopted by the most innovative companies in the world.

  • Tailor a set of lean start-up principles, processes and approach that can be gradually scaled out across the organisation (e.g. islands of freedom).

  • Adopt human centred design principles and tools when developing customer facing offerings.

  • Leverage aspects of traditional strategy development and management principles so that these new practices can co-exist and mature within the organisation. (i.e. keeping the CFO happy).

Our value proposition

  • We will upskill your leadership team and get them into the required mindset for digital change by taking them through an interactive process that facilitates them to build a digital vision and roadmap that they own. This ensures any digital initiative is supported by the broader organisation.

  • Through our workshops, we develop actionable plans as well as organisational roles and responsibilities that lead into your first digital / innovation project.

  • We utilise lean start-up and human centred design methods our methods to help customers products and services to market, however we develop tailored processes for our clients based on their current organisational structure and level of maturity.

  • We have a deep understanding of modern capabilities such as UX/design, Cloud, Big Data, advanced analytics, machine learning and enterprise collaboration tools.

  • We are experienced in large Enterprise strategy planning and project portfolio management.

Our Approach